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Can the guy who wrote this play the harmonica? You  decide


 how to play the harmonica Paul Finley

What Matthew, and in his book, knows how to do is TEACH. I had the privilege of many genius teachers in my days; real teaching skill is better than gold.

Paul Finley,
Musician and
Recording Artist, Austin, Texas












"dear matthew,  

i would like to tell you how great my playing has
improved over the past 4 months since i have used your
system. i have "love works" and "dobro swamp" down pat and
sounding good!!!!! i am now working on "harp you got it"
track. i have even started playing at work and draw a
good crowd

( i'm gunna start charging for the concert


Greg A Helland jr"









I have been trying/learning to play the harp since my retirement 2 years ago. spent hundreds of dollars on everything that i have come across on the web. even flew to a jam camp (which was ok-but too advanced for me) and finally came across your stuff. its great, mostly because you make it so much fun. the superstart cd is terrific and easy to use makes me want to practice more and more. thanks so much for offering this kind of instruction material. i probably am what a lot of people might be inasmuch as i am always looking for a secret to becoming a harmonica player but i finally found the secret thanks to your stuff, practice, practice and have fun while doing it. thanks again. ralph weiler 












 Jimi Hendrix said something like:  

"I'm OK at
playing lead, but I'm the best rhythm guitar player you ever heard".

Even Hendrix attached more importance to rhythm than lead.





















“To know and not to do is not to know” 

traditional Samurai saying